Rointe Digital Electric Heating

Here at Bright Ideas we are proud to be registered installers of Rointe Digital heating and have been fitting them for over eight years. In all that time we have had no dis-satisfied customers and that speaks volumes. Rointe has been providing warmth and comfort to homes and businesses for more than 30 years. Clean, efficient and eco-friendly heating systems capable of offering the greatest heating comfort at a minimum energy cost.

Official Rointe Installers

The Kyros range of Rointe digital heaters are versatile and programmable every hour of every day. The perfect replacement of old outdated storage heaters or radiators.

Heat when you want it, where you want it 24 hours a day. They’re even clever enough to notice if your door or window is open, switching themselves off to save you trying to heat outside!

The keypad can be locked making them ideal for holiday lets or to keep tiny hands from fiddling!

Towel rails, water heaters and the premium Delta Range of heaters is also available.

With the Wifi enabled Delta Range you can control them from anywhere, anytime. Available in 28 different colours, or for that special bespoke look they can be painted in your chosen colour to match your décor.

As we are official installers of Rointe Digital heating systems you receive an extended warranty over and beyond that of the manufacturers standard warranties.

From a room to a centrally controlled hotel, for more information please visit or contact us. We will be more than happy to help.